The Design Process

Once we understand your business and what you need from a website we set a plan in motion to design, build and deliver you an engaging, unique and complete site. We can also help reimagine your existing site. It’s a fun and creative process which usually brings much joy to the client who sees their site emerging over the development timeline. Regular feedback is welcome to ensure you get the site that really reflects you.

Why WordPress?
After an initial consultation with you we choose a WordPress theme that would best suit your business. The beauty of a WordPress powered website is the vast range of themes available to you in the excellent theme library, the multiple plugins we can add to enhance your site functionality (i.e. booking systems, online shops, calenders etc.) and the easy to use content editor to ensure site content is always up to date and engaing for your audience. Not to mention the fact that WordPress sites retrofit to all devices, from mobiles to laptops.

We start with your logo. We look at what colour scheme and style would best reflect your business and integrate well with your logo. And of course we can design one for you if required. Do you need a gallery to showcase your work? Do you need an online shop to sell your product? Do you need to integrate your site with an external online application? What is your overall objective from a website and who is your target market? All these questions will influence how we design, build and deliver your site. Give us a call today and open up a window to the world!

  • Get your site online with a beautifully crafted brochure website
  • Integrate eCommerce to sell your product or service online
  • We source top stock images to tell the right visual story
  • Web Maintenance to ensure regular updates to your site
  • SEO for visibility online and FREE Marketing Advice
  • Social Media integration – Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Twitter etc.
  • FREE BLOG and much much more…